Happy 25th Anniversary to My Love

What a great day 25 years ago today.  I married my best friend, the love of my life.   God gave me a wonderful young lady with great spiritual discernment.  There or those who find someone special and think to themselves I can see myself living with them for the rest of their lives. I remember the day when I realized I can’t live without her.  Words are hard to express my thoughts and feelings when I am around her.  After 25 years I find myself looking at her and having all the same feelings.  I remember seeing her walk down the aisle. Brides are beautiful, Melissa surpassed all beauty with her smile and soft voice.  From the very first day we began a life of excitement and adventures.  As in any life there are ups and downs, that is why the vows we took that day are more special today and ever.  No matter what we have gone through, Melissa has always been by my side.  I decided many years ago I could not live without her, now even more I can’t imagine a day without her.  Thank you Melissa for marrying me.  I love You.

  1. Artist Series at PCC
  2. Dating outing at PCC
  3. Wedding Party
  4. My Beautiful Bride
  5. On our way together
  6. Cake we never got to eat.

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