Pastors Check Out How To Get This Four Book Set

Dear Pastor,

I would like to get a copy of each of our books in your hands and in the hands of the members of your church.  I know that these books will be a blessing and help to you and your ministry.  I am making a way for you to purchase all four, including shipping, for $35.  I believe that once you see these books you will want to get these books in the hands of your people.  Following the links below will take you to the Amazon pages where the retail price is given.  By clicking here, you can pay $35 through our PayPal account in order to receive this special offer for all four books.  If you are interested in also having a Kindle version of the book, you can find them here as listed:  Biblical Principles and Practicals for Everyday,  The Business of Ministry, Prepared to Bless Biblical Principles for Being Prepared, and Prepared to Bless Practical Preparedness for the Home.

Biblical Principles and Practicals for Everyday is a daily Bible study that teaches absolute truths by going through the Bible starting in Genesis.  Day one begins with the beginning and proceeds 366 days to the book of Revelation. This devotional book can be started at any time; you don’t have to find what day it is on a calendar.  We have also included at reading plan that will help someone read through the Bible in 90 days or in one year. This book will help your people to know what they believe and why.

Some may call this a devotional book but that would depend on your definition of a devotional. What are we devoted to? Are we devoted to the tasks of reading the Scriptures and a lesson? Or, are we devoted to the person the Lord Jesus Christ? The idea of a devotional should be starting our day with the purpose of being devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. What we read in the Scriptures should lead us to a day of devotion instead of treating the act of reading the Bible as the completion of doing our devotions. We need to be careful to not to check off our daily list of completing our devotions in the morning after reading. We can check off devotions from our list at the end of the day when our day was devoted to HIM. Most devotionals are so titled to give us verses to read then a story to teach us what the verses mean. This book is going to give verses and explanations of those verses. However, the intention of the daily process is much more. The intention for this book is to help lead you to green pastures with encouragement to eat, which will then require doing something with the truths. This book is to help teach the reader to also learn to receive the most out of the green pastures. This is not something you should rush through reading then check off your list of to do’s in your spiritual walk for today. “I read the page for the day. I am now ready to move on to the next spiritual thing to do on my list.” Each day you will begin with a biblical principle. A Biblical principle is an absolute truth from God that can never change. These principles are universal and eternal truths for all times. These truths are absolutes that never change based upon time, culture or fluctuation of opinion. All truth is God’s truth no matter if man tries to steal the credit for himself. If it is true, it was never about the man who presented it but the God who established it because of His perfect nature. A biblical principle is never someone’s view or opinion on Scripture. Best aspect of this book is that you can begin at any time of year! No dates included. Start on Day 1 at any time to study line upon line and precept upon precept. A daily Bible reading guide is also included each day to read through the Bible in a year using either a Genesis-Revelation plan or chronologically. A 90-day reading plan is also included in the first 90 days.

The Business of Ministry is designed to help the church leadership as well as the member in the pew to understand clearly the business of the ministry. The strength of any endeavor is in its foundation. The church should not be any exception. Starting a church should include a true biblical understanding of a church as well as organizing the business aspects of the church correctly. A church has a unique role in the world. It is first a ministry in that it ministers to the needs of its members and those outside the church by proclaiming the Gospel through preaching, teaching, and organizing various outreach efforts for and in the community. However, it is also a business. Churches must maintain the business of church or they may not have a church with which to minister. In this book, we examine the foundational documents that every church should have in order to protect themselves and their members. We discuss the differences between the legal and spiritual items necessary for a church to function. We then explore the areas where biblical principles need to be followed yet where there are many practical ways to function in the day to day business of the church without violating any biblical principles.


Prepared to Bless: Biblical Principles for Being Preparedness is designed to teach biblical principles Christians should do in meeting the needs of others. In the last several decades, we have watched as many disasters affected Christians around the world. Early on, only the extremely organized mainline denominations seemed to have a sense of what to do in the event of an emergency anywhere in the world. Plans were not previously in place to assist missionaries on the field, help churches in disaster zones or pass on information to other Christians so they would be able to help. Those that did have plans had difficulty with logistics and communicating information. However, over the years, as more and more tragedies have occurred, churches and Christian organizations have improved their action plans. Today, many mission boards have established plans for their missionaries to supply needs for the missionary and to those to whom they minister as well as plans to disseminate information to supporters. Yet, some still seem to not understand the importance of emergency preparedness. We believe it is because they do not understand the “why.” Written as a Bible study, this book explains the biblical principles behind emergency preparedness for those who seek to be the hands used of God in times of crisis.

Prepared to Bless: Practical Preparedness for the Home is written to give very practical help to families so they can be a blessing to others when difficulties come. The goal for this book is to bring to the attention of the reader, regardless of their religious or political beliefs, their opinions about society, or their views regarding end-times or “doomsday,” the importance of being prepared for an emergency for the benefit of their family and others. As I researched and studied, I became more resolved that several books had to be completed. God’s Word reveals a plan and many principles that we should and must follow. In Prepared to Bless: Biblical Principles for Preparedness, we examined Scripture to see not only principles but also examples of Bible heroes preparing for trials to come. It is not a lack of faith to prepare for a coming trial. We also saw that being prepared is a great blessing to our family, to our neighbors or to a stranger. In Prepared to Bless: Practical Preparedness for the Home, our goal is to help the reader determine and establish reasonable and attainable preparedness measures for themselves and their family. If you have watched any of the doomsday or prepping shows on television, then you have seen people depicted as focusing on one disaster or another. Our approach is not to focus on a specific event. Most preppers and survivalists agree that families should focus on self-reliance and general preparedness in the event of an emergency. We believe that there are basic preparedness principles and practices that can have a family prepared for a variety of disaster possibilities. There is not a “one size fits all” plan when it comes to preparedness measures. Each family has unique situations and family members for which they must prepare. We help the reader see the difference between basic, minimal, moderate, and extreme preparedness. Charts, lists, and product suggestions are included to help the reader better determine what they need and to what extent they want to prepare themselves and their family.

We do ask that you only use this deal for Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries and also one set per ministry.  We also ask that the shipping address be the church or ministry address.  If you would like to order more at full price, you can either go to Amazon to pay full retail by clicking the links above or go to our web store at by clicking here to order more copies for those in your church for a lower price.



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