Excited Ministry Grows

Encouraging the Church
Ministry Update

I am excited about the growth of the ministry this year.  As we begin 2018 we are upgrading our web site that will allow so much more than what we have seen in the past.  With addition of the Advance Ministry evaluations we can now offer through Ministry Imprints through access to this ministry.   Also with the growth of our publishing arm with the ability have our own store on our website now.  We are excited that we are now apart of the Christian Small Publishers Group.  Joining them will allow us to get our books out to areas we would never be able to reach.  We will also have access to publishing conferences and other venues to present our ministry. We now have the ability to post video and audio messages on our new web site.  We will soon be including training messages that your church and use to address needs with solutions to your church leaders.    There are pages that deal with issues from church leader needs, to women’s issues, children’s and teen ministries, and links to other ministries that may also help your ministry.  We are all about not re-inventing the wheel.  If someone out their is doing a great job we want you to know about it.  This year will also see an extended travel schedule to conferences and training meetings.  We are praying about new ways to reach more churches to help.  Follow our blogs as well as our web site churchhelps.org as we will be dealing with root issues oppressing our churches today.

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